Naboso is the world’s first surface produced to simultaneously stimulate both your body and brain.

Currently available as shoe insoles or as a training mat, Naboso’s unique proprioceptive material has been created with scientific precision to either relieve pain or to help you get that competitive gain.

Inspired and backed by barefoot science – and created by Dr Emily Splichal, a world-leading podiatrist and human movement specialist – standing on a Naboso surface will stimulate your foot in a way that brings benefits to your whole body – whether you’re a person suffering foot pain, a professional athlete or a worker seeking relief from long shifts on your feet.

Naboso means ‘barefoot’ in Czech. It also means better results and science-backed pain management for you.

Naboso Insoles are available in 3 styles, Naboso 1.0, Naboso 1.5 & Neuro. The Naboso 1.0 Insoles are perfect for the customer who is new to barefoot stimulation or has increased foot sensitivity. The Naboso 1.5 Insoles are perfect for the customer who is already an avid barefooter or has been using minimal footwear for some time. The Naboso Neuro Insoles are perfect for those looking for daily foot stimulation to increase foot sensitivity and awareness, integration into any neuro-rehabilitation program for gait training and reducing falls, enhancing skin perfusion and peripheral nerve stimulation and improving postural awareness and balance when standing and walking.

Here’s what just one of our customers has to say about Naboso Insoles

Sydneysider David Hechter has been using Naboso Insoles for the past 6 months to help with his Multiple Sclerosis.

‘I felt that I had much higher energy levels with the ability to exercise with better mobility,’ David said.

‘The insoles have had as much benefit to my overall mobility, and sense of wellness, as anything else that I have tried in managing my MS-related symptoms.’ ‘Outside of the physical benefits I have derived, they are easy to take in and out of my shoes so that I can use them for both exercise and during the work day,’

For fellow MS patients in Australia and abroad, David has a clear message.’MS impacts people in different ways, but if anyone is experiencing issues with fatigue or lower limb tightness, then these are DEFINITELY worth a try,’ he said.

‘I was quite skeptical about whether these would work and – for me – they were life changing!’

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