What Is Naboso?

Naboso is the world’s first surface produced to simultaneously stimulate both your body and brain.

Currently available as shoe insoles or as a training mat, Naboso’s unique proprioceptive material has been created with scientific precision to either relieve pain or to help you get that competitive gain.

Inspired and backed by barefoot science – and created by Dr Emily Splichal, a world-leading podiatrist and human movement specialist – standing on a Naboso surface will stimulate your foot in a way that brings benefits to your whole body – whether you’re a person suffering foot pain, a professional athlete or a worker seeking relief from long shifts on your feet.

Naboso means ‘barefoot’ in Czech. It also means better results and science-backed pain management for you.

How Naboso Can Help You

People with foot pain

Ordinary footwear blocks the stimulation of your foot and creates delays in the nervous system that can contribute to joint pain, loss of balance and inefficient movement patterns.

Naboso opens up your foot-to-brain-to-muscle connection, helping you to move better with less harsh impact on your body.


What we train on – whether it’s a yoga mat or turf – ultimately influences how our foot activates and communicates with the rest of our nervous system.

This is especially important when we are training barefoot or focusing on movements that require rapid stabilisation.

No training surface to date has been designed to specifically target the small nerve proprioceptors on the bottom of the feet. Stimulating your nervous system to make your muscles work better can be your next winning edge.

Workers in standing jobs

As workers in hospitality, health care and retail industries know – prolonged periods on our feet can lead to debilitating foot and leg pain. Open up your nervous system to send your muscles the right signals to help you stand better in comfort.

How It Works

The science behind Naboso is as precise as it is powerful.

When you stand on a Naboso surface, your foot is stimulated in a way that we no longer experience in everyday life thanks to the shoes we wear and the busy lives we lead.

The Naboso surface has been textured in a way to bolster your nervous system. Our specific surface pattern is designed with microscopic precision applied to the exact size, shape, density and height of the surface so that you achieve optimal health and performance benefits every time you use a Naboso product.

Step 1

Stand on a Naboso surface.

Step 2

Your foot is activated as thousands of small nerve proprioceptors respond to the texture of Naboso.

Step 3

Through your central nervous system, these stimulated proprioceptors spring your body into the right kind of action.

Step 4

You’ll experience better balance, you’ll stand better and straighter and you’ll activate your postural muscles to dynamically control impact forces.

Our Naboso Insole surfaces come in two heights 1.0mm and 1.5mm. Our Naboso 1.0 insoles are perfect for newcomers to barefoot stimulation or those with increased foot sensitivity. Also ideal for athletes and sportspeople.

The Naboso 1.5 is perfect for those who are already avid barefooters or have been using minimal footwear for some time. The 1.5 is also ideal for those who stand for prolonged hours on their feet, or for those who have decreased sensitivity of the feet.

What Is Barefoot Science?

Barefoot science takes its lead from the foot-to-ground connection experienced by people in the days before mass foot ware production. It looks at the way humans were biologically built to connect our feet with the earth – as uneven, hard or soft ground can be.

At Naboso, we’re applying what we have learned by studying the biological evolution and the modern day structure of the foot. Through this study, we’ve witnessed the amazing benefits of foot-to-ground connection for both everyday people and professional athletes.

We’ve taken the lead from evidence based science and turned what we know into the unique power of Naboso.


Some of the research behind the birth of Naboso:

Founder Dr Emily Splichal

Naboso was founded in 2017 by New York Podiatrist, Human Movement Specialist and Global Barefoot Science Leader, Dr Emily Splichal.

Dr Splichal has dedicated her medical career to teaching professionals and patients worldwide the power of activating the nervous system and establishing what she calls foot-to-core stability.

Inspired by Barefoot Science, Dr Splichal knew that the time was right and the health care and fitness industries were ready for a material specific to improving barefoot stimulation – and thus Naboso Technology was born.


About Naboso Australia

Watch now: Why Leanne and Swift Fitness brought Naboso to Australia

Naboso launched in Australia in 2018 thanks to Dr Emily Splichal’s connection with the worldwide health and fitness industry.

Leanne Hamilton is the Australian founder of Swift Fitness and has enjoyed a personal connection with Dr Splichal for many years, including hosting Dr Splichal on her 2017 teaching tour to Melbourne.

With their shared connection as human movement experts, Emily and Leanne discussed bringing Naboso to Australia – with Leanne as the major distributor.

Naboso Australia was born in 2018, providing Australians with the ability to quickly and easily access the world-leading Naboso products.