David’s story- beating MS pain with Naboso

Sydneysider David Hechter has been using Naboso Insoles for the past 6 months to help with his Multiple Sclerosis.

As a result of MS, David has been experiencing fatigue, tightness in his legs and heavy feet. His ability to walk long distances was being compromised by his MS-induced mobility issues.

Since using Naboso Insoles in his shoes, David has noticed a remarkable and positive shift in his mobility – thanks to the textured Naboso surface that is pinpoint designed to connect with the small nerves in the bottom of his feet.

‘I felt that I had much higher energy levels with the ability to exercise with better mobility,’ David said.

‘The insoles have had as much benefit to my overall mobility, and sense of wellness, as anything else that I have tried in managing my MS-related symptoms.’

David said the ease of using Naboso also helped him become a convert to this non-invasive medical technology.

‘Outside of the physical benefits I have derived, they are easy to take in and out of my shoes so that I can use them for both exercise and during the work day,’ David said.

For fellow MS patients in Australia and abroad, David has a clear message.’MS impacts people in different ways, but if anyone is experiencing issues with fatigue or lower limb tightness, then these are DEFINITELY worth a try,’ he said.

‘I was quite skeptical about whether these would work and – for me – they were life changing!’

Naboso has a range of specially-designed Neuro Insoles, created specifically to help people with neurological conditions, such as MS or Parkinson’s Disease.

Find out more about how Naboso Insoles are helping MS patients like David throughout the world today. Read more: Multiple Sclerosis News Today talks Naboso  or read the article direct, here

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