Multiple Sclerosis News Today talks Naboso

We are so pleased with the feedback we receive from people with Multiple Sclerosis – sometimes as soon as they trial our Neuro Insoles for the first time.

The textured insoles slipped into any shoe stimulate the feet of MS patients, helping with balance instability, posture problems and compromised gait – all common symptoms experienced by those with MS.

Inspired by barefoot science, numerous research studies have now shown that sensory stimulation of the feet can improve dynamic stability.

Which is why we were thrilled to read all of this and more in a recent article by MS Today – one of the world’s leading sources of MS news and commentary – followed by patients and experts right across the globe.

When people like Kerrie from Melbourne tell us how much more confident they are walking with Naboso insoles inside their shoes, we are filled with an ongoing sense of purpose to continue doing what we do.

We want to continue to help as many people as we can, who, like Kerrie, have MS. If you know of anyone who you think may benefit from trialling Naboso insoles, contact us

You can read the full MS News today article here: New Products Intended to Stimulate Feet of MS Patients

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