Watch now: Naboso Training Mat strength exercise demos provided by you

We love seeing the many, many ways Naboso is helping people all over the world build strength.

Here’s a collection of recent exercises posted by Naboso fans to inspire you to get up and moving the barefoot way.


Picking up your running? Exercise to strengthen deep muscles of the lower leg

Watch how Danielle White demonstrates how to build strength in your

tibialis posterior with this Naboso Training Mat exercise. This exercise will help you correctly respond to the ground with each stride, helping to reduce injury and propelling you forward.


Single leg Pallof Press

Improves hip stability and vital for protecting the knee. It is effective for runners, athletes involved in cutting/pivoting sports looking to reduce ACL injury risk, and anyone who needs to address asymmetry in their proximal strength/stability.

Watch how Proactivekine demonstrates this exercise with Naboso.



Wide arm push-ups

Watch how yogasculptwithIan demonstrates a wide arm push-up while switching on the feet on the textured Naboso Training Mat. This exercise engages abs and quads to increase and improve overall strength, tone and stability.


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