Q&A with NeuYou Rehab: How are you going to use the new Naboso Standing Mat?

Sydney neuro-rehab specialists NeuYou Rehab provide therapy and support for people living with a neurological condition.

We spoke with Tamsin from NeuYou Rehab about her plans for the new Naboso Standing Mat at their Penshurt studio.

  • Naboso: Tell us about your studio and the people you work with.
  • Tamsin: Our motto at Neu You is regain, retain, live well. That sums up a lot of what we do, in that we use our skills and expertise to help people living with neurological conditions to remove any barriers they may be facing that impact their independence.
  • Naboso: How did you become aware of Naboso, and what did you hope Naboso could achieve with your clients?
  • Tamsin: I was introduced to Naboso by a neuro-specialist Pilates instructor visiting from the States. Using Naboso products within the studio provides clients with their first experience – one that they want to take home with them, hence becoming a stockist.
  • Naboso: You’ve been particularly excited to get the Standing Mat into your studio. What is it about the Standing Mat that stands out for you?
  • Tamsin: I use Pilates with many people with neuro conditions (stroke, Parkinson’s, MS) & will be adding the Standing Mat to our studio Pilates equipment to increase proprioception & sensory input in clients as they move through a Pilates session.
  • Naboso: What else do you like about the Standing Mat?
  • Tamsin: 3 things stand out to me about the mat – the size makes it versatile and easy to move around the studio; it’s padded, which feels great under foot (no matter what you’re standing on or pressing against), and it’s versatility means it can be used under the hands too!
  • Naboso: Do you use other Naboso products with your clients?
  • Tamsin: Yes, I’ve also suggested the insoles to my clients with foot drop as part of the ‘every step is therapy’ approach to improving their gait.

If you’re in Sydney and interested in Naboso products near you, please contact NeuYou rehab here

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