Christmas gift ideas for the runner, Pilates professional, yogi and other loved ones in your life

Do you have a friend who loves to run? A family member who experiences some balance issues due to a medical condition? Or someone close to you who runs a fitness, Pilates or yoga studio?

A pair of textured Naboso insoles or a mat could be just the gift they will immediately love this Christmas.

Gift idea #1: Insoles for loved ones with medical conditions

Textured Naboso insoles are making their mark worldwide when it comes to providing a sometimes life-changing treatment option for people with neurological conditions.

Since their launch in Australia earlier this year, Naboso textured insoles are now helping some patients achieve outcomes that didn’t seem possible last Christmas.

Rachel from Sydney has cerebral palsy and can now feel her toes for the first time in a long time as she walks, thanks to the precision of the raised Naboso surface that has been pin-point designed to connect with an individual’s nervous system.

Watch Rachel’s video as she shares more about her life-changing Naboso experience.

Find out more about our range of Naboso Insoles if you have a loved one with a condition such as Parkinson’s Disease, MS, diabetes or another medical condition that affects their foot sensation, gait and/or overall balance.

The Naboso 1.5 Insole is perfect for a loved one who has a medical condition that may be helped through proprioceptive stimulation.

Find out more: Naboso 1.5 Insole

Gift idea #2: Naboso Textured Insoles for the runner or athlete in your life

The Naboso 1.0 and 1.5 Insoles are the perfect addition to any runner or athlete’s training program.

The textured surface slipped inside training shoes can help absorb impact forces and stave off foot and leg injuries from repetitive strain.

When returning from injury, the textured insoles can help switch back on dormant muscles, providing a greater level of stimulation that enables a runner or athlete to react faster and build strength again quicker.

Runners and athletes unused to barefoot training are advised to begin with the Naboso 1.0 Insole, before moving on to the 1.5 Insole – a slightly higher textured surface that is best used after pre-conditioning with the 1.0.

Used by Team Australia paratriathlete Liam Twomey and professional trail runner Veronika Larisova, the Naboso Insoles continue to help them gain a competitive advantage as they train toward their ultimate athletic goals.

Find out more: Naboso 1.0 and 1.5 bundle

Gift idea #3: Naboso Training Mat for the Pilates professional or yogi in your life

The unique raised surface made up of many tiny pyramids make the Naboso Training Mat the ultimate gift for any loved one serious about yoga or Pilates.

This is the first-ever barefoot training mat specifically designed to stimulate the small nerve proprioceptors in the bottom of the feet and palms of the hands.

Numerous research studies have demonstrated that the thickness and material used in many current training and yoga mats actually blocks the proprioceptors in the feet and hands. This translates to decreased stability and neuro-feedback during exercise.

Where other training mats actually de-activate the feet, the Naboso Training Mat is based on texture research and surface science – which means it matches the way the body’s nervous system actually works. Users will notice an improvement in postural control, stability and strength.

Find out more: Naboso Training Mat

Gift idea #4: Naboso Pro Mat for the studio owner in your life

The thicker textured Naboso Pro Mat is perfect for a heavy-use fitness, Pilates or yoga studio. Clients will love the increased stimulation they will experience when training on the Pro Mat, feeling their bodies come alive through a switched on central nervous system.

Find out more: Naboso Pro Mat

Gift idea #5: Naboso Standing Mat for the worker in your life

The brand new Naboso Standing Mat has only just hit Australian shores and is set to make waves as the bets companion for any standing desk.

Standing desks can be great for overall health, but can cause some painful issues for others unused to prolonged periods on their feet.

The compact Naboso Standing Mat helps keep muscles switched on and responding, providing decreased risk of foot and leg pain.

Find out more: Naboso Standing Mat

Happy Christmas from everyone at Naboso Australia x

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