Tips for preventing a summer running injury

Going from winter hibernation to hitting the pavement each sunny morning can place a huge strain on unprepared muscles, inevitably increasing injury risks.

There’s a reason why professional athletes carefully build up their training programs to meet their targets in the safest way. Injuries mean time away from their sport and can sometimes have large consequences for interrupted sporting careers.

But for non-professional runners, the consequences of injuries can be just as important when it comes to being able to live the lives we want to lead.

Positive and habitual exercise regimes are broken, charity fun runs with friends are off the agenda, and that marathon remains on the bucket list for yet another year.

A lot of non-professional runners rely on their regular pavement pound for motivation and to remain fit and healthy – both physically and mentally.

Running in heat leads to increased sweating. The faster loss of fluid and minerals in the body can lead to heat cramps when electrolytes aren’t quickly replenished. These heat cramps, in turn, can lead to muscle damage.

As runners know, weakened muscles increase the likelihood of experiencing strains and damage.

Here are our top tips for running strong and injury free this summer:

  1. Keep your muscles switched on

Textured Naboso insoles in your shoes will engage your central nervous system in a way that reminds your muscles to stay switched on and ready to propel you forward in the safest possible way.

  1. Get into dynamic stretching

Leg swings are a great way to get your body run-ready for summer. Take a look at these dynamic leg swing tips from Ten Health. Read more here

  1. Stay hydrated, of course

It’s so simple but needs to be remembered before you’re mid-run and nowhere near a bottle of water or bubble tap. Lack of adequate hydration is the culprit for many a summer running injury.

  1. Always warm down (yes more stretching!)

Getting those muscles warmed down right is key to being able to get back out there and running again throughout summer. Take a look at Runner’s World’s Best 5 static stretches to do after your run for some inspiration. The textured Naboso Training Mat is an ideal surface for your post-run cool-down. Find out why: Naboso Training Mat

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