Winning with Naboso: Paratriathlete Liam Twomey shares his results

When paratriathlete Liam Twomey began training with Naboso insoles in early 2018, he was stunned by the lift in his performance.

Before Naboso, Liam had been experiencing debilitating foot cramps that were affecting his performance.

As an Australian Institute of Sport athlete in training for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, something had to change.

A meeting with Naboso at Filex saw Liam trial the insoles and quickly shift his paratriathlon results.

Liam’s foot cramps disappeared, his balance improved and his race recovery quickened.

Soon after these early results, Liam became a Naboso Australia ambassador, giving him the chance to share his experience to help other professional athletes in Australia and across the world.

Watch now to see what Liam has to say about how Naboso has helped him rise in the worldwide paratriathlon rankings.

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