Trend alert: The shift towards primal – and natural – health and wellness

WiFi-free destinations are the world’s new ‘it’ travel hotspots, a cold temperature gym has opened in the US to help people reconnect with the benefits of a little shiver, and barefoot science research continues to show the benefits of proprioceptive stimulation.

Stripping away the digital devices and dashboards can have huge benefits, and the world is starting to notice. Naboso is among a number of growing organisations embracing the power of primal through innovating with natural, eco-friendly products and technology.

Naboso’s unique textured surface – available in both insoles and training mats – has been created to mimic the barefoot experience, bringing in years of barefoot science research to create a surface that brings barefoot benefits like no other. Naboso clients are recovering from pain and inquiry quicker, athletes are finding they can respond faster and yoga and Pilates practitioners are building strength and tone in a way they hadn’t experienced before. Naboso products are 100% recyclable and made from sustainable materials.

But when it comes to primal movement, some gyms and fitness centres still require members to wear shoes for safety reasons.

Slipping a textured Naboso insole into your shoe solves the problem of getting all the benefits of a barefoot workout without removing your runners.

Stimulate your senses and switch on your muscles in the way that works best for you.

Naboso insoles come in two textures – the 1.0mm surface, with a texture height suitable for those new to barefoot, and also the 1.5mm texture, for those who have undertaken barefoot training before or who are ready to move up from the 1.0mm.

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