Top 3 movement practices to pair with Naboso: Pilates, yoga and rehabilitation

Movement practices are key to building strength and recovering from pain or injury.

Here are our top 3 practices to pair with our Naboso Training Mat or new Pro Mat.

Pilates and the Naboso textured Training Mat

It’s well-known that Pilates is a standout practice when it comes to building strength, leading to increased tone of abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks (the ‘core muscles’ of your body).

It helps enhance the muscular control of your back and limbs by lengthening and stretching your major muscles in a balanced way.

Combine this with sensory stimulation achieved by practicing Pilates on the textured Naboso Training Mat – and your muscles get a whole new level of workout, without having to work harder. You will tone faster and become stronger quicker, providing you with a range of even unexpected benefits – including being better able to bat off any winter colds and flus.

Yoga and sensory stimulation

Ancient yoga in India was practiced on grass, hard earth without any cover, or on an animal skin rug.

The introduction of the first purpose-made yoga mat in the 1990s had good intentions by helping to prevent yoga students slipping during their practice.

However, it also took away the sensory stimulation provided by the uneven ground that was so central to the ancient Indian practice. The textured Naboso Training Mat or new, thicker, Pro Mat can take your yoga back to its origins and stimulate your muscles through your bare hands and feet in the way the forefathers of yoga experienced.

Recovering from injury with Naboso insoles

Experiencing a fast and effective recovery is often the top priority for any injured elite athlete.

There is now a large body of scientific research on the positive effect that textured surfaces can have on rehabilitation for injured athletes.

A recent US study found that those using textured insoles to assist in recovery from ACL reconstruction experienced improved sensation in their legs.

With so many sports stars hit with ACL injuries that lead to weeks and weeks away from their game, Naboso can play a key role in getting athletes back on track faster.

Insert textured Naboso Insoles into your training shoe for your usual workout. If you haven’t used textured insoles before, please start with 30 minute blocks and work your way up to longer periods before you feel comfortable wearing them at all times.

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