New global research shows kids need barefoot stimulation!

When it comes to the power barefoot science, you’ll know we’re 100 per cent on board. Of course, Naboso wouldn’t exist without it!

But it’s always great to follow new research into barefoot science and to see the results different people of all ages, sizes and locations are getting.

This past month, there has been some fantastic new research out of New Zealand and South Africa, published in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research.

The study, ‘Being barefoot. Prevalence at home, in school and during sport: a cross-sectional survey of 714 New Zealand secondary school boys’ has found that barefoot stimulation has huge benefits for how children’s feet develop. It also found that barefoot boys were no more likely than those wearing shoes to have leg pain.

The research team from Auckland University of Technology and Leeds Beckett University spent months studying the footwear habits of the boys and teens and found one of the large barriers to going barefoot was social acceptance – which is where Naboso Children’s Insoles can step in!

Naboso Children’s Insoles are hidden out of sight, but still provide the brain and body with the best stimulation needed for healthy development.

In conclusion, the study stated:

‘The findings of this study question whether the prescription of athletic shoes, given their economic cost, is necessary in situations where risk of perforation to the skin and extreme temperatures are absent. Although this study design was specific to the target sample, future studies should seek to add to global data on footwear habits in adolescents, at least in relation to a) daily life b) school life (c) physical education class and (d) sport. Longitudinal investigations on the impact of footwear habits on foot morphology and musculoskeletal health are required.’   See the research here

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