Found yourself with a winter exercise injury? You’re not alone!

If you’ve hurt yourself when you’ve been out for an exercise this winter – you’re not the only one.

Winter injuries are common, particularly for those with weaker joints. Colds and flus can also play havoc with our balance and general alertness.

Cold weather can increase your risk of straining or tearing something because lower temperatures can cause our muscles to tighten a little more.

Polly de Mille, exercise physiologist and coordinator of performance services at the Tisch Sports Performance Center at Hospital for Special Surgery in New Yorkhas, said the cold may also slow down some of our “sensory mechanisms”.

“When your nerves are colder, there’s slower transmission rate, making, say, your feet a little numb, which could throw off your balance. It’s possible then to be doing damage without being totally aware of it: In warmer weather, you might read a twinge of pain as a signal to ease up; in cold weather, you might push yourself through the twinge toward injury.”

Naboso’s textured insoles slipped into your running shoes supercharge the messages to your nervous system, beating the slow transmission rate you would otherwise be faced with during winter workouts.

Running with Naboso through winter will help you stave off any winter injuries.

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