Are you a street runner? Beware what hard, hilly surfaces can do to your body!

If you’re a runner who likes to hit the road for a jog, then chances are that you’ll know that running on hard and hilly surfaces like roads sure can take its toll on the body.

Joint pain can flare, muscles can cramp and ache…and meanwhile, your mind tells you to just keep running. Which is great, of course, if you’re not doing yourself a very serious injury. And less great, if indeed you are.

But from the super-elite to the Parkrunners and everyone in between, there are a few commonalities when it comes to running injury.

Overuse injuries in professional runners are common, but very similar afflictions just as easily impact those who are new to running, or just having a go for a local charity run.

Muscles not used to the impact of street running – particularly when it comes to inclines – can certainly wear and tear just as fast as a pro who has been hitting their strides for years.

Muscle preparation for every runner is key – and this is where Naboso comes in.

Naboso textured insoles stimulate the nerves found on the bottom of our feet, which sends off a faster nervous system stimulation – springing our muscles, fascia and everything into action.

So if you’re a runner tackling the road this weekend, or perhaps thinking about your next professional race or funrun, take a look at Naboso.

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