This National Pain Week…beat pain naturally with Naboso Insoles

Today marks the start of National Pain Week in Australia – a great time to raise awareness of the many Aussies who live with chronic pain.

Living with chronic pain can be hugely debilitating and can also be often misunderstood by the general community, as it most often can’t be seen in those who are suffering.

When it comes to foot and leg pain, textured Naboso Insoles have the power to transform the lives of many Australians.

Ordinary footwear blocks the stimulation of your foot and creates delays in the nervous system that can contribute to joint pain, loss of balance and inefficient movement patterns.

Textured Naboso Insoles slipped into your regular shoes opens up your foot-to-brain-to-muscle connection, helping you to move better with less harsh impact on your body – in an entirely natural way.

Find out more: How Naboso can help you

Watch now: How Naboso is helping leg pain sufferer Lori

Chronic Pain Australia will tomorrow release the results of its National Pain Week Survey, where it asked nearly 1300 Australians living with chronic pain what they wanted from their GP, their pharmacist, the Federal Government and the wider community.

We’re looking forward to hearing what these Aussies have to say. Find out more: National Pain Week Survey


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