Run Melbourne and win!

Are you ready for Run Melbourne? To support this iconic event, we have a twin pack of our textured Naboso shoe insoles worth $150 to give away!

The way our insoles work: the Naboso surface activates your foot as thousands of small proprioceptors respond to the texture, then through your central nervous system, these stimulated proprioceptors spring your body into the right kind of action – causing you to move better while helping to dynamically control impact forces.

New research published in the European Journal of Sport Science found that wearing a textured insole elicited an acute, meaningful decrease in vertical loading rate in short distance, overground running. As repetitive loading is one of the leading causes of stress fractures among runners, Naboso is a great way to prevent injuries to make sure you line up for a big race like Run Melbourne.

See the textured insoles and running research here

To win

Send us a screenshot of your Run Melbourne registration before 29 June 2018 and you go in the running for a Naboso prize pack worth $150! The winner will receive a twin pack of textured Naboso Insoles – the Naboso 1.0 and the thicker textured Naboso 1.5.

To go into the draw simply email us the screenshot. One lucky winner will be chosen at random.

Are you ready to experience the power of the foot and enhanced proprioceptive stimulation with Naboso Insoles?

Shop our range now and see you at Run Melbourne!

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