Are you in elite sport? Take a look at the latest research on textured surface training, peak performance and injury rehab

Elite athleticism and cutting edge science go hand-in-hand.

Throughout recent history, professional athletes the world over have been using the latest science and technology to help them improve performance and gain that competitive edge.

There is now quite the body body of research about the benefits of integrating textured insoles within elite sports regimes – both for performance and rehabilitation.

Athletes recovering from ACL injury

A recent US study found that those using textured insoles to assist in recover from ACL reconstruction experienced improved sensation in their legs.

With so many sports stars hit with ACL injuries that lead to weeks and weeks away from their game, Naboso can play a key role in getting athletes back on track faster.

The Immediate Effects of Plantar Massage and Textured Insoles on Gait in Patients Following ACL Reconstruction

More precise kicking in footballers

A recent study published in the Human Movement Science journal analysed the effect of compression and texture in footballer’s socks.

Results revealed that wearing textured and compression materials enhanced performance in key variables, such as the maximum velocity of the instep kick and increased initial ball velocity.

Compression and texture in socks enhance football kicking performance

Injury prevention in runners

This study was published in the European Journal of Sports Science in March 2018, and looked at vertical load experienced by male runners wearing textured insoles.

Repetitive loading is one of the leading causes of stress fractures among runners.

This research study found that wearing a textured insole elicited an acute, meaningful decrease in vertical loading rate in short distance, overground running.

Textured insoles reduce vertical loading rate and increase subjective plantar sensation in overground running


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