What do Apple Watch, Samsung Gear & Naboso Technology all have in common?

We’ve all been voted as the best workout gear by Men’s Health! Among just four products worldwide!

And to top it off, we’ve also been voted among the best gym tech there is by Forbes.

We’re proud to be holding good company at the top of the fitness food chain worldwide – and we know we deserve to be there.

The positive reviews keep coming in, and while we’re thrilled – we’re not surprised.

Why? Because we’re driven by the power of barefoot science, which is backed by an evidence-base of strong research from right across the world.

Check out some of the research here.

Naboso Technology products have been precision-designed to stimulate the small nerves in the bottom of your feet.

Standing on a textured Naboso surface switches on your central nervous system, boosting strength and stability.

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