Registered for the Wings for Life World Run? Here’s how Naboso can help you get through this innovative night race!

We’re all about innovation here at Naboso and we love how World Run is embracing just that. The Wings for Life World Run ( is an annual global charity event where by the whole world literally runs together.

On May 6, right around the world, everybody starts at the same moment, 11am UTC – which is (a little unfortunately for us) 9pm Melbourne time.

With World Run, there is no finish line. A catcher car is released 30 minutes after the start, and when it passes you – that’s your finish.

The last people to be caught at each race are declared Global Champions (brace yourself- 88.4km is the current record!)

This year, there are World Runs happening all over Australia – Perth, Adelaide, Wollongong, Canberra, Gold Coast, Sydney & Melbourne.

But with our 9pm start time on the east coast, thousands of Aussies will soon be hitting our World Run courses – at right about the time we’re usually winding down for the day.

So how can Naboso help wake up your nervous system so that you can race your best at night?

Lee to include more here after chatting with Erica at FILEX

To support this awesome World Run event, we have one pair of our Naboso shoe insoles to give away.

The way our insoles work: the Naboso surface activates your foot as thousands of small proprioceptors respond to the texture then, through your central nervous system, these stimulated proprioceptors spring your body into the right kind of action causing you to move better while helping to dynamically control impact forces – pretty key for running!

To go into the draw simply sign up ( to any Australian Wings For Life World Run event and email us ( a screenshot of your registration. One lucky winner will be chosen at random to receive a pair of Naboso proprioceptive insoles – worth $89.

Are you ready to experience the power of the foot and enhanced proprioceptive stimulation with Naboso Insoles? Shop ( our range now and see you at World Run, Melbourne!

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