Get your ski & snowboard on this Aussie snow season with Naboso!

Winter is on our doorstep, so make it an injury-free run this snow season with us!

Placing Naboso Insoles inside your ski or snowboard boots can help you stabilise your muscles faster, reducing the risk of injury.

The textured Naboso surface that has been created based on barefoot science research can also help elite snow athletes react faster. By stimulating the nerves in the bottom of your foot, you boost the speed of messages to your brain.

Canada ski technique expert Dave McPhail has fitted boots for the Canada Olympic Team and continues to work with professional skiers all over the world today.

He’s recently trialed the Naboso 1.5 Insoles in his boots, and also has two of his professional athletes wearing Naboso.

In his blog: Naboso: First ski test results, Dave decribes the ‘Naboso Effect’ and ”nothing short of amazing.”

Read Dave’s blog – Naboso: First test ski results

In his second blog, Naboso Proprioceptive Stimulation Insoles, Dave continues to reveal the benefits he’s experiencing with Naboso.

“The most significant aspect of trying NABOSO insoles in different shoes is that it immediately becomes apparent just how bad some shoes are,” Dave said.

”The more cushioning, the narrower the fit and the greater the heel to toe elevation of the sole, the worse the shoe feels. For example, when I compared the Xero Prio with zero drop to a Nike Free with a 5 mm drop, I immediately sensed a pronounced negative effect on my posture and muscles of my legs, especially my glutes.”

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