What a whirlwind few months it’s been bringing Naboso Technology to Australia!

We’re Lee & Steve and we’ve known Naboso founder Dr Emily Splichal for many years now. We may live on other sides of the globe – us here in Melbourne and Emily in New York City – but the world of movement is actually quite tight-knit

Over recent years, Emily’s Evidence Based Fitness Academy and our movement studio Swift Fitness, have often found ourselves in the same room among other human movement professionals. In fact, Emily was a direct influence on Swift taking the direction that it did.

Like many who meet Emily, we quickly became believers in her work – both as a world-leading podiatrist and as a human movement specialist – and also passion for innovation. She’s now a highly respected mentor to us, and during a visit to Swift where she held a barefoot movement workshop last year, Emily shared with us her story of what she was working on. A ground-breaking textured surface that has the power to transform the way people all over the world think about pain management, rehabilitation & injury prevention. Inspired by barefoot science to improve the way we move – from the ground up.

Naboso Technology had been born, with a soon-to-be released range of proprioceptive insoles and a training mat. We told Emily we would love to trial the mat and insoles, and within weeks we couldn’t believe the results our clients were getting. They felt lighter, stronger and were experiencing far less foot and leg pain.

The day we walked into Swift to find two members fighting over the last Naboso training mat was the day we knew how much these mats made such a big difference to everyone’s exercise sessions – from yoga to Pilates, strength and performance.

The Naboso insoles then continued our “wow” moments with clients as they experienced decreasing foot, leg and back pain, as well moving better during their day.

When Emily said she was looking for an Australian distributor, we were thrilled. We know the power of barefoot science has the ability to change Australians’ lives for the better and we are so pleased to now be bringing this power to our beautiful country.

You can now follow us on Instagram @naboso_australia and find us on Facebook

We can’t wait for you to join in the movement and share our passion for the belief that #lifeissensory.

Lee & Steve

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