How we are walking wrong thanks to the mass-production footwear industry

Once upon a time, quite the number of centuries ago, we roamed the earth barefoot.

Our bodies evolved over time with this naked foot-to-ground connection inspiring how our central nervous system now functions – and essentially guiding how we use our muscles to move, right from the ground up.

But with the birth of the industrial revolution came mass footwear production, and everything our bodies knew about the power of foot-to-ground connection quickly disappeared.

Thanks to barefoot science, the impact of this foot-to-ground extinction is now clear. How we move generally, how we respond to force during high intensity activity and how we avoid foot pain and injury through correct movement are all negatively impacted thanks to our lack of real foot-to-ground connection.

Naboso Technology was born in 2017 as a way to bring back the biological power of foot-to-ground connection, offering people worldwide the benefits this can bring, whether you’re a professional athlete, a worker on your feet all day, or a sufferer of foot pain or plantar fasciitis.

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