Athlete and podiatrist Caleb McInnes on pain & movement

By Caleb McInnes: Podiatrist & Athlete

Pain during dynamic movement is NEUROMUSCULAR not just biomechanical!

Correcting alignment and biomechanics alone is not enough.

A massive part of pain during locomotion is the body is telling us our rate of stabilization and the way we interpret and process information is TOO SLOW.

To change this we need to stimulate the NERVOUS SYSTEM through sensory stimulation which has a effect on our mechanoreceptors, of which there are different types. One of the most important places to stimulate these is the skin on the sole of the FOOT. This will have an effect on:

  • pain
  • posture
  • joint position
  • rate of stabilisation
  • the speed information is interpreted
  • neuromuscular control.

This stuff is so powerful and I am super excited to have Naboso Barefoot Technology insoles in the clinic FSM now as a tool to help you with the treatment of pain and movement dysfunction.

Mine are in my shoes already!


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